Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024


Growing demand for enhanced processing algorithms in modern radar systems has the request of prototyping in the research while offering new capabilities. The faster a researcher can transition a concept from design to a working prototype, the earlier advantages of new capabilities will be obtained. Currently, many researchers are relying more and more on software defined radios (SDR) to compress the time to prototype. Here, there is a list of prototypes we have developed in the recent years.

TitleDemonstrated inPresentation / SlidesVideo
P5Coexistence of Communications and Cognitive MIMO Radar: Waveform Design and PrototypeICASSP 2021--video
P4Spectral Co-design Prototype for Automotive MIMO Radar MIMO Communications SystemICASSP2020pdf--
P3Learning-based Reconfigurable Wideband Non-Contiguous Spectrum Characterization for 5G ApplicationsICASSP2020pdf--
P2A Coexisting MIMO-Radar MIMO-Communications Hardware PrototypeSPAWC2019pdf--
P1CDM-MIMO RadarPartnership Day 2019----