Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

Selected Publications

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Selected Papers

 TitleJournalAuthor(s)Matlab CodesVideo
J6Design of MIMO Radar Waveforms based on lp-Norm Criteria--Ehsan Raei, Mohammad Alaee-Kerahroodi, Prabhu Babu, M.R. Bhavani ShankarDownload--
J5Coexistence of Communications and Cognitive MIMO Radar: Waveform Design and Prototype--M. Alaee-Kerahroodi, E. Raei, S. Kumar, and M. R. Bhavani Shankar,--Video
J4Spatial- and Range- ISLR Trade-off in MIMO Radar via Waveform Correlation Optimization--Ehsan Raei, Mohammad Alaee-Kerahrood, M. R. Bhavani Shankar----
J3Designing Sets of Binary Sequences for MIMO Radar SystemsIEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (2019)Mohammad Alaee-Kerahroodi, Mahmoud Modarres-Hashemi, Mohammad Mahdi NaghshDownload--
J2A coordinate-descent framework to design low PSL/ISL sequencesIEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (2017)Mohammad Alaee-Kerahroodi, Augusto Aubry, Antonio De Maio, Mohammad Mahdi Naghsh, Mahmoud Modarres-HashemiDownload--
J1An information theoretic approach to robust constrained code design for MIMO radarsIEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (2017)Mohammad Mahdi Naghsh, Mahmoud Modarres-Hashemi, Mohammad Alaee Kerahroodi, Ehsan Haj Mirza Alian----